Did You Know? 2.0

Karl Fisch and I are very pleased to announce the new version of Did You Know?

As you’ll see, we tried to minimize what some perceived as alarmism about globalism. We also fixed some errors, changed the music to something that didn’t violate copyright, and got a complete graphic makeover from XPLANE. Additionally, we added some material after ‘Shift Happens‘ to encourage viewer conversation and action.

More information on the new presentation (including suggestions for usage, a link to downloadable versions, and other resources) is available at

As always, comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome!

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  1. This was a great project to work on, Scott! Please continue to let us all at XPLANE know how it is received during your lectures.

  2. Well done to all of you involoved in this. I’m over here in New Zealand with our own set of educational issues surrounding the ideas in your presentation. You wikispace, I hope will enable me and others from around the world to truly collaborate on the direction of education. Its a world wide issue and one, I hope will draw people together under a common banner.

  3. Awesome work, Scott and Karl! Gone viral!

  4. Yeah, wow, that was money well spent. Great production straight through. XPLANE has a lot of style at their disposal as well as the modesty to know when to shelve it and let the facts & figures speak for themselves.

  5. Thank you Scott and Karl for what you do. You are reaching and waking up educators across the world by giving those of us in the trenches tools to use in training. You rock!

  6. Dan (and others), just to clarify: the XPLANE folks donated their time, tools, and expertise because they believed so strongly in the underlying message of the presentation.

  7. This is a brilliant piece of propaganda. It is fantastic, and just the message we needed, to make our case.

    Finally, I got my bullet points (er, marching orders).

  8. @ Scott: Well that’s something special.

  9. Scott… I think this is awesome and I will definitely be using it in presentations that I do with teachers and students. As soon as I get an e-mail address for my new principal, she’s getting a copy e-mailed to her.


  10. I think back to the impact Karl’s video had last August, when I first viewed it, to what it has become today. It was so powerful in it’s original form because of the history that Karl included in his blog post – he wanted professional development to have an impact prior to the school year, to not do the same old familiar training that led to nothing…
    And now this! Thank you for including the message to administrators and school board members. It is no longer enough to view the video and be complacent; one must react in a constructive way.
    THANK YOU XPLANE for what you have done although I will never forget Karl’s original format.
    This will be shared with all the administrators and school board members in my town.
    And of course, thank you Scott for all that you continue to do for the sake of our children stuck in dangerously irrelevant classrooms!

  11. Fantastic! Thank you for this new version. Love the changes and additions. Can’t wait to share it with others.

  12. Compelling! I like the addition of inviting further conversation – if we don’t gnaw on all of this information, we’ll never move to constructive action! Thanks for sharing – hopefully, this will be a kickoff for our faculty inservice in August!

  13. Scott and Karl, I truly appreciate the updated version. I showed the original to my staff at a faculty meeting in February. Their stunned silence following the showing was unexpected, but still confirmed my feeling that this was something they needed to see. That showing has helped us as our conversations have had links to global educational issues and the equity training our district is undertaking. I will certainly show the new version at my first faculty meeting this fall. Thanks.

  14. Some see the the wave coming, some do not. Those will also choose to ignore the wave even when they are fully hit and this is what actually happens.

    Great work!!!

  15. “Did You Know” Video 2.0 is a motivating example of how you can use technological capacity to inspire, lead and inform future action.

    What do we (principals, academics) need to do to catalyze change in these relatively stagnant institutions? What has the potential to move people to action? In this case, a powerful technology presentation that, when used appropriately, may have impacts that are far-reaching. Great work!

  16. Intresting I am a student in Belgium (and we started learning English about 3 years ago in school, French 8 years ago and some people latin 5 years ago)
    We are also learnd about music and paintings every schoolyear for 1-3 hours a week. Time spend for PC learning: 1 hour for one year about 5 years ago (and that was learning to type and basic Word)

    At the moment I dont remember anything of the Music and Paintings class and my French isnt good at all. BUT I do know alot about computers and I think my English is improving everyday. Because with the internet I use it daily. So what is my point: That you guys are completly right the schoolsystems are seriously outdated.

    To make things clear I am 18 years old just finished school, and next year I am going to college to study MCT Multimedia and Communication Technology. Because I finally want to learn something which can be used in this century.

  17. Thank you for taking the time to work with your peers to educate them on how fast the world is moving today. Its not about globalization, its about how the world is changing and coming together faster then anyone ever expected it too. Lets focus on making it change for the better. Lets hope that governments work to educate their children better then they have over the past decade. Lets us, as the people, work toward a better tomorrow for ourselves and our childrens children. Get involved today.

    Well Done
    Director of Information Systems

  18. Im a high school teacher (math)and I attended a workshop with a guest speaker “Ruben” and I was blown away with the video and his comments. For the first time someone has put together how I’ve been feelinf for the eight years Ive been teaching. I believe education is holding back students and is boring them. We as educators struggle to motivate students, technology is the tool and the driving force. I hope each student will have a Macbook by 2008 Maine the state I teach is tring to push this ….I wish I could do more I feel as a educator in a small high school will like to get envolved into the push of Macbook across the country. I have the vision I just don’t have the resources. Im currently in grad school studing Education leaderships and have found that mush of the problems we have in school would be solved through the Project
    Let me know if I can Help



  19. Response to “Did You Know” Size does matter!

    When you really think it through the fact that they are so large isn’t the concern. The concern is who is leading the way in education, technology and proactively preparing for what is around the corner. Technology is secondary to the emerging world social order, more fundamental issues that will never change are first and foremost. Yes technology is one of the primary forces in who will best take advantage of it.

    However their size will work against them in the long run. It will be like GM & Ford growing to points of inefficiency and then having to go through painful downsizing, the fact we will have the 3rd largest economy means absolutely nothing. We will be “right sized” and more homogenous in national identity, fluid infrastructure, economic cohesion and above all efficiency. They will be large sprawling countries experiencing rapid growth with various provinces and peoples that aren’t always on the same page. This will keep them somewhat fractionalized and destined to experience internal issues and lack of continuous stabilization, the thing that economies and societies thrive upon.

    Armies don’t worry me so much, they make a significant military move directly against our significant interests and we nuke them, this threat will work because people believe we will actually do it. Besides, even if there was to become a Far East Alliance a Euro/Americas Alliance would balance it out. The real war to be fought will be in economics and the winning over of the people’s minds through equal assimilation into the worlds political and economical systems based upon the political/economic system that is most naturally symbiotic with the desire of humans to improve their standard of living, democracy/capitalism. We should be the best at that…I hope. Miliatry battles didn’t win the cold war, the other side lost because during the stalemate brought about by a fear of mutual destruction we out spent them along with the fact that their people wanted hamburgers, Coca Cola and Bon Jovi records and the freedom to go where they wanted to get them. Again, which system is most harmonious with the desires of the human spirit? The threat of nuclear destruction is no longer a Soviet, American issue, it is a common world issue that will serve the same forced period of “war cannot be the answer” and eventually allow people to tune into their better angels and encourage them to work things out. I believe in what I feel John Locke felt about us as a social animal and what subsequently drove the creation of governing bodies, that man is inherently good. However I would amend this by saying we just aren’t always consistent and competent at it, thus we are a 3 steps forward then 2 steps backwards species but in the end we always rise to push our internal benevolence that extra step. The US will thus see that staying ahead in technology and learning how to live with it is important. But first we must realize that the way to maintain and raise our standard of living and influence in the world will be through commerce and the “pulling up” of other countries economies so that there is a global market place that as much as possible is based upon win/win relationships. Once our leadership learns this (and we will, not because of democratic morals but because we are about making money and there will be a lot of money to be made in doing this) we will take advantage of it better than anyone else. In addition, our relationship with the Europeans will balance things out and the one thing we will always have is a secure sea to shining sea country with only two other countries bordering us that will never pose any significant threat. The final trump card? There is no country on earth that can produce the amount and variety of food we do from an acre of land, then process it, package it, and transport it as well as we can. All those people will need to eat and we will be ready to fill their orders and “oh, by the way, do you need some washing machines as well? We have a special this week.”

    Remember the Rising Sun book of the 70’s where people believed that within years Japan would own the US? Yes, there are some real hard issues raised in this “Did You Know” presentation that are huge, previously unimagined and ones at this time we do not fully understand or are prepared for. But nothing to be fatalistic about, just proactive about. In areas like education, technology and finally curing our residue of fractionalization and social problems that were caused by generations of disenfranchisement due to race, sex or culture. This is critical. Doing so will indeed promote a synergy resulting in true national cohesion and harmony along with creating a working environment as absent of domestic social ills as possible. This will be absolutely necessary for us to build the best team with the most effective perceptual paradigm of the new world order and a vision that will allow us to remain the “look to” leader in the emerging era of globalization and learning how to use and handle technolgies that are beginning to race ahead of us.

  20. What resources were used for the information in the “Did You Know” 2.0 video?

  21. Tonya, see shifthappens.wikispaces.com

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    The beautiful but unobtrusive design allows the ideas embedded in the presentation to come to a much greater prominence over the glitz and flash that most presentations have a tendency t…

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  30. Wikispaces went offline… Do we have a new link to the originals? Thanks!


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