My mascot wasn’t tough enough

I rarely share personal news here, but since the word is starting to get out, I might as well publicly announce that I’m leaving the University of Minnesota. I accepted an offer from Iowa State University to be the coordinator of its Educational Administration program, effective this fall. My family and I will be making the move to Ames over the summer. We’re excited about my professional opportunities and the chance to return to a classic Midwest college town.

Since most of you know me virtually, I’m sure you don’t really care where I’m located! I’ll update my Contact me link once I know my new contact information. For those of you who are concerned, CASTLE and all of my related online ventures will just travel with me to Iowa State.

Sorry, Gophers. Go Cyclones!

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  1. All right, Cyclones is better than Gophers…but still, GO TRIBE!

    Congratulations! Best of luck.

  2. Let me add my congrats, as well. GO TRIBE! GO SEAHAWKS! Glad to hear your virtual presence will continue…

  3. Congratulations Scott!

  4. So while I am tempted to make a comment about the collective IQ of both states improving because of your move, I will instead just express my sadness that Minnesota is losing a great thinker, a mover and shaker, and a genuine educational leader. Don’t forget your friends “up north.”

    Very best of luck to you and your family with the move.

    Former Iowan,


  5. Congratulations and best of luck with the new job.

    My only connection to Iowa is that my father’s family is from Omaha and my mother’s is in Indiana so we drove across the state many times. 🙂

  6. Excellent! Congratulations! We’ll expect a slight lull in your blog activity but we hope that you’ll be back in the saddle again real soon.

  7. Ditto what Doug said. Our loss is Iowa’s gain. The “brainpower state” locus has dropped below the 45th parallel.

    Best wishes for the move and new challenges.

  8. Awesome, Scott! Those cyclones won’t know what him them until they’re not in Iowa anymore!

    Keep up the great work!

    Take care,

    Miguel Guhlin
    Around the

  9. Way to go Scott, and congratulations on your move. I will look for your new contact info.

  10. Scott,

    We could just start a movement to annex the southern most counties in Minnesota to Iowa….then we can reclaim Doug to Iowa.

    Go State!


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