The power of a good message

It may be that few of you are interested in this besides me, but I thought I’d post on the impact that Did You Know? has had on this blog over the past month. I posted earlier that Karl Fisch’s video had gone viral yet again, this time outside the education community. Karl and I continue to have some very interesting exchanges with folks about the presentation; there now are even spin-offs and parodies.

According to Feedburner, on February 12 I had 378 subscribers to Dangerously Irrelevant and 352 folks who actually visited the blog that day. Over the past 30 days this blog has averaged 1,095 visitors per day. As of yesterday, the number of subscribers to this blog is 639. In other words, traffic to my web site has about tripled (although it’s slowing down of late) and the number of individuals who have decided to add me to their RSS aggregators has increased 70%. Now that’s the power of a good message combined with technology that enables reach!  (FYI, the most popular YouTube version of Did You Know? has been viewed over 274,000 times)

I’m not in Will Richardson, Stephen Downes, or Boing Boing territory yet, but I’ll take the traffic (and give Karl my thanks yet again!). As I’ve noted before, I’m on a mission

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  1. Scott, I’m one of those who found your blog and started subscribing as a result of the video. I pointed to your post in my blog (so maybe I got to send a few of my readers your way) and my traffic also went up, apparently from the trackback I left at your site. I’m still amazed at the degree to which this technology links people and ideas.

  2. I had emailed Karl about this, but when I saw the break-out of the video, it had surfaced again at my school via email from a teacher’s in-laws. It is definitely circulating in a lot of different venues.

    The teacher sent it to our principal, who asked us to repost the link on our Vision committee’s blog and showed it to the committee members as well!

    So congratulations to both you and Karl to getting the message “out there.”

  3. It’s funny. I was there at the beginning. I’ve even remixed it a bit.

    I’ve had two emails from colleagues in the past two weeks saying “have you seen this?”


  4. Scott, I loved the video and I am thrilled to post it on my blog for college students about how the American workplace is changing:

    It’s not just educators who need to be aware of the changes happening–college students need to have their eyes opened as well. I hope that your video will help.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you. I subscribed to your blog today!

  5. A video every college student needs to watch!

    Very few of us realize how much the workplace is changing, especially when we’re headed off to the secure environments of a college for a couple years. So, this is a quick reminder. Watch it, and ask yourself at the

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