Miguel’s wistful. Anne’s feeling dull. Wesley’s introspective. Doug’s worried that some of his favorite bloggers are trying to compensate.

This all serves to highlight the results from the education blogosphere survey that I did last month. We edubloggers have a variety of reasons why we blog:

  • to try and make change
  • to have your voice heard by a larger audience
  • because we learn so much from others
  • to find other like-minded souls
  • to foster reflection
  • to remember what we might otherwise forget
  • to get stuff out of our heads!

and so on… We have multiple, overlapping, sometimes conflicting reasons for blogging. And thus the diversity of the blogosphere reflects the diversity of our humanity.

We’re all trying to make sense of this stuff. It’s not always easy.

I concur with Miguel:

Can you find knowledge in unlikely places, just like a beginner would, and then give that knowledge away? Can you put aside the list of edubloggers that everyone links to, and find new voices?

Help me make my list as long as possible? Let’s all explore some new voices while simultaneously hanging out with old friends.