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It’s a new year: a good time to reflect on my past 4+ months of blogging. It’s been quite an adventure. My learning has been exponential on a number of different fronts because of this blog. Here are what I consider to be my 10 most important posts of 2006 (in chronological order):

  1. Servant leadership? (August 23)
  2. Defeatist schools (August 24)
  3. Who are our technology leaders? – Part 2 (August 25)
  4. It’s the first day of school! (September 5)
  5. Why blog as an administrator? – Wrap-up (September 11)
  6. Digital kids. Analog schools. (September 14)
  7. Are educational leadership faculty future-oriented? (September 19)
  8. Not enough time to be data-driven (October 18)
  9. Gaming, cognition, and education – Wrap-up (October 30)
  10. Riding llamas in Peru (November 8)

And, of course, the most important post of all was my first one!

This is going to be harder next year when I have an entire year’s worth of posts to sift through…