100% proficiency on old skills?

Here’s something if you have a 60- to 90-minute block of time with educators…

100% Proficiency on Old Skills? A Candid Conversation About the Demands of NCLB and Preparing Students for the New Economy

P.S. This presentation is better than the one I did last week.

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  1. Outstanding stuff, Scott. I’m already trying to think of a time to share this with some of our faculty.

    Thanks for putting this together!

  2. Spot on the money! This package works for me on two levels. First, it utilizes Re-useable Learning Objects…something more and more educators will come to value. Second, it succinctly shrink-wraps the whole “future-ready schools” discussion.

    “100% Proficient” resonates with some initiatives I’ve been treating at Haulin’ ‘Net. With your blessing, your work will definitely get play on the Carolina coast!
    Many thanks.

  3. Scott and Joe, I’m so glad you found these resources useful. Drop me a note sometime (mcleod@umn.edu) and let me know how folks react!

  4. This presentation was excellent. It connected with my own personal thoughts and beliefs about the function of K-12 school systems in a global community. We SHOULD be producing students that have developed deep thinking skills, know how to use information flexibly, and be innovative in order to contribute to the rapidly changing world. My wheels are turning about how to incorporate new technologies with the demands of NCLB to engage learners, especially those at risk, to move them towards success with the standards and rigid requirements in an age of accountability. I believe that we can balance both and increase the capacity of overall knowledge and learning of our students. Thanks for the insights and the catalyst for further thought.

  5. Fantastic stuff Scott! Thank youf or sharing this material. I expect it will be sparking conversations at my school for some time to come.

  6. G’day Scott,
    I really appreciate the time effort gone into making the materials available so the whole education community can use them.
    These ideas and concepts will help me have similar conversations with educators here in Australia.
    Thanks heaps!

  7. Thanks for sharing …. appreciated

  8. Scott, Thanks for responding to my comments and posting on my blog. I have printed your information (100% Proficiency) and will listen to the podcast later this evening. I plan to use this information as a springboard for discussion at my Thursday Assistive Technology Team meeting.

    One idea that I had was to have a book discussion this summer with my team. This material will help to supplement those conversations. I feel that we are the models for the use of tech and if we are resisting the change then how do we expect the classroom staff to embrace what we ask of them??

    Again thank you for your guidance…it has been very helpful and thought provoking.

  9. Thanks for a great resource. I used it with the turnkey tech people in my building and it sparked an outstanding conversation.

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