What if? – School visits

What if every federal and state politician, principal. and school board member was required to visit a school like the School of the Future in Philadelphia, or an after-school program like the one at the North Kenwood / Oakland Charter School in Chicago, or a class run by a teacher like Marco Torres in Los Angeles? What would our schools be like? What would our children’s lives be like?

One Response to “What if? – School visits”

  1. Going to those schools is what these people do for a living. This would not be a “risk”. What if they really took a risk and saw what these schools and many others did online. The communities that are created when students know that they have an audience.

    What if they left comments behind on student blog posts. Students that have an audience of policy makers hmmm.

    Maybe then some of this legislators would be better informed before they crafted their policy.Then they would know the power of 2.0.and the schools of the 21st century.

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