Two weeks ago I announced a new CASTLE project: to get 100 new principal blogs up and running within 100 days.

To date we have had 33 requests for new principal blogs. We have created 11 of those 33 blogs and 2 are already active (i.e., the principal has started posting). Most of the remaining 9 will "go live" sometime this week, probably.

As new principal blogs for this project are created, we will add them to our list of known principal blogs. In addition to the ones we will create for this project, we know of a dozen others. That means that right now we know of 45 principal blogs, which is pretty minimal considering that there are approximately 125,000 public and private schools in the United States alone (not to mention those in other countries).

So… although we haven’t created all of the requested blogs yet, we are a third of the way toward our goal after only thirteen days. However, judging by the pace of requests over the past week, I believe that we have hit our first plateau. Without further encouragement or sharing about this project, we’re not going to make our goal.

If you support this project, please forward the following link to any and all educators you know:

If you currently are a blogger, please post something about this project on your blog. If you know of a principal that might want to take advantage of blogs’ potential to enhance school communications, please send him or her our way. If you’re a principal who already has a blog, please make sure we know about it and encourage a principal colleague to start too!

We need everyone’s help with this. Let’s get some principals blogging!