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  1. Well I’d like to think my district has a start on #10. 😉

    I’d probably make much the same list. We have such a long way to go that it’s easy to get discouraged sometimes. But I’m an eternal optimist. We’ll get there. It’s going to be a painful journey though.


  2. Dr. McLeod, you agitator! I wish I could be as hopeful as Tim, but…

    …in 2003, according to NAEP data, 22% of 4th graders nationally reported using computers for schoolwork “almost every day.” Not terrible. However, 20% of 4th graders reported “never or hardly ever” using computers for schoolwork. That’s one out of every 5 kids!

    No child left behind? Yeah, right.

  3. The frustrating thing about this list is how many are dependent upon good leadership. In most schools I’ve been around, I see people who understand these items. The problem is they don’t have a voice in the organization. How do we turn our organizations upside down to allow new leaders to rise to the top?

  4. Well, gosh, Dave, if we turned our organizations upside down, some stuff might fall out… =)

  5. At the very least, things would get shaken up. We wouldn’t want that now, would we?

    In all seriousness, if there are any people in any organization (particularly schools) who are rendered voiceless, there is a larger leadership problem than just a lack of technology leadership. Just my opinion.

  6. I don’t know, Scott, can I pick what falls out? 🙂

    Jon- when I say that many people who understand these issues are rendered voiceless, it may not be that they can not or do not speak up, but rather that their voices fall on deaf ears. This may be because the leaders don’t understand what they are saying or because they are afraid of the implications.

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