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Why must we ask the 21st century to wait outside our classes?

Internet kill switch

John Jones said:

why must we ask the 21st century to wait outside our classes? Is it just to protect the lecture? We know what a classroom designed around lectures, notes, and quizzes can do, and it is not impressive. . . . Perhaps by embracing the new forms and structures of communication enabled by laptops and other portable electronics we might discover new classroom practices that enable new and better learning outcomes.

There is a robust body of research exploring alternatives to the lecture. Never before has technology been so able to support a new understanding of learning but, as Rivers argues, suppressing the use of new technologies avoids and ignores such discussions.

via http://dmlcentral.net/blog/john-jones/let’s-ban-bans-classroom

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We should be connecting students with real audiences

What the Internet has proven with resounding success is that it can connect writers with real audiences. Any approach at online [writing] education (or offline education, for that matter) that ignores this feature of the Web adds nothing significant to the process.

John Jones via http://dmlcentral.net/blog/john-jones/online-learning-and-teaching-writing