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Do you have a learning environment worth learning?

Yes, we want children to learn, but then that means we must care very deeply about whether children want to learn, which means we must provide them with a learning environment that is worth learning. [emphasis added]

Alfie Kohn via http://vimeo.com/53056240

Hat tip: Joe Bower, http://www.joebower.org/2012/12/from-culture-of-performance-to-culture.html

Can’t we do better than the evolutionary filmstrip? [SLIDE]


If the best use of the technology at our disposal we can imagine is the evolutionary filmstrip and the evolutionary Scantron, our failure will be epic and tragic.
– Chris Lehmann (via Joe Bower), in reference to YouTube’s announcement that it is piloting a multiple-choice quiz feature

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Image credit: Navy Hill School

Is it any surprise our learners are so dependent?

Because school defines learning as passive, learners come to see education as something done to them. When students are stuck in the middle of a problem, they don’t try and figure out what makes sense to do next; instead, they try to remember what they are supposed to do. If this is the premise for learning, is it any surprise that learners become less autonomous, more dependent, and ultimately mindless?

Joe Bower via http://www.joebower.org/2010/11/legacy-of-traditional-education.html

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