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Nullifying the Web [SLIDE]


When we deny children openness and connectedness, we nullify the power of the Web.

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Image credit: Interior of Cellblock 1

The way we should be thinking about Internet filtering

David Wees says it all…

David Wees Filters Tweet

Ask how YOU can get on the Internet at your school [VIDEO]

A blast from the past: a PSA produced in 1995 by 5th graders in Helena, Montana. Seventeen years later – because of insufficient quantities of computing devices, draconian filtering and blocking systems, differential student usage and access, inadequate bandwidth, adult fears, and many other issues – many of our students are STILL asking how they can get on the Internet at their school…

Normally this is where I’d say ‘Happy viewing!’ but it’s sort of depressing to think about my second sentence above.

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