SOPA Blackout

Along with many other web sitesDangerously Irrelevant has shut down for today to protest two bills, SOPA (House) and the Protect IP Act (Senate).

Congress is debating right now whether the Internet in America and elsewhere should be hostage to the demands of private companies. If SOPA and similar laws are passed, the Web could look like this for all of us. Legislators are making policy out of ignorance. As Josh Kopstein notes, it’s no longer okay for Congress to not know how the Internet works.

Read the quote below, then contact your legislators to let them know of your opposition to SOPA.

issues of copyright law, political control, privacy, and child protection are exciting governments around the world about stepping in to regulate cyberspace. While this may solve problems in the short-term, these regulations will be blunt, hasty, and hard to undo. And they will run the risk of extinguishing the internet’s connective power before we have the chance to realize it. – Jason Gots

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