4 Shifts Protocol PD Opportunities

if one or more of these is of interest!

  1. Buy the book. Harnessing Technology for Deeper Learning takes a deep dive with the protocol. In the book we provide eight concrete examples of lesson and unit (re)design so that you can see the protocol in practice across various grade levels and subject areas. The book is aimed squarely at practitioners and their day-to-day instructional (re)design needs. We also explain in the book why we think the protocol is a great complement to SAMR, TPACK, RAT, PIC-RAT, and the Arizona and Florida Technology Integration Matrices. And we include numerous tips and suggestions for using the protocol in your school(s)!
  2. Lesson redesign conversations. Julie and I are going to begin occasionally recording some conversations in which we redesign lessons or units using the protocol. We will make those available on the 4 Shifts Protocol resources page. If you’ve got a lesson or unit that you’d like us to look at, let us know!
  3. Virtual book studies. Let’s talk about the ideas and redesigns in the book! We can use our discussion questions for the book or your own questions. Custom-designed for your school or district. [60 to 120 minutes]
  4. Virtual PD. Synchronous virtual training from either or both of us. We can work directly with your educators or help you set up a train-the-trainer model. Custom-designed for your school or district. [2 to 6 hours]
    For instance, see our current offering of 2 hours, up to 200 people, for 1 low price!
  5. In-person PD. Half-day or full-day training live on site from either or both of us. Custom-designed for your school or district. [3.5 to 7 hours]
  6. 4 Shifts video series. A set of self-paced online modules, intended to be a replacement for Options D & E. Can be done individually or by an entire school or district and saves travel expenses. [3.5 to 4 hours]
  7. Whatever else we come up with together. Pitch us an idea!