I am pleased to announce the launch of a new podcast, LeaderTalk.

Some of you may remember all the way back to 2007, when my university center, CASTLE, launched LeaderTalk, which was the first-ever global group blog for school leaders by school leaders. The LeaderTalk blog featured daily contributions from school administrators around the world and was hosted for many years at the Tech & Learning website. When George Couros’ Connected Principals initiative launched in 2010 (also CASTLE-sponsored!), we decided to sunset the LeaderTalk blog. 

I held on to the domain name and now am reviving LeaderTalk, this time as a podcast that features boots-on-the-ground leaders in innovative schools. I only am talking to principals at inquiry- and project-based deeper learning schools. The plan is to do a couple of episodes per month. I’m basically just expanding on the work that we did for my recent book, Leadership for Deeper Learning, but in podcast form. There are a number of podcasts that feature international- and high-level thinkers, authors, and consultants around deeper learning. The goal of this new podcast is a bit different. The revived LeaderTalk will elevate the voices of building-level leaders and unpack their concrete, specific leadership behaviors and support structures that enable deeper learning experiences by their students and educators. Hopefully the podcast’s focus on front-line leadership will be unique, practical, helpful, and inspiring!

Episode 001 with Chris Lehmann at Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA) is now available. More conversations to follow. I hope that you will subscribe and also give me some feedback about how to make the podcast better. Suggestions for future podcast guests are always welcome!

Happy listening!