At the All-Star Game break, here are the standings in both of my educator fantasy baseball leagues…


  1. Buckeye Ballers, Toby Fischer
  2. CAM Cougars, Dominic Giegerich
  3. Technauts, Joe Bires
  4. Twinkies, Scott McLeod
  5. Bayou Buffalos, Vinnie Vrotny
  6. TheBrewz, Jeremy Brueck
  7. Good Trouble, Jon Becker (last year’s champ)
  8. Greyhounds, John Spencer
  9. Maineiacs, Harold Shaw
  10. Optimistic Mets Fan, Reshan Richards
  11. Dutch’s Detroiters, Rick Heitmeyer
  12. Let’s Play Two, Bob Dillon

Rounding for Home 22

  1. Nesi’s Quicks, Chris Nesi
  2. Impossible Dreamers, Patrick Larkin
  3. Sandlot Success, AJ Bianco
  4. Windfield Wants Noise, Jason Buccheri
  5. All 4 Shifts, Guy Ryan
  6. Juuuust a Bit Outside, Scott McLeod
  7. The Moonlight Grahams, Donnie Piercey
  8. Paternity / IL All-Stars (formerly You Down With CBT?), Dave Quinn
  9. Eephus Pitch, Aaron Hogan
  10. Who Needs Pants?, Dean Shareski
  11. Papi’s Green Monsters, Cale Birk 
  12. Chad’s Crazy Crew, Chad Lehman

The top 6 teams in each league make the playoffs… Should be an exciting next few weeks!