CagedAdministrators: We want to be more innovative but we feel trapped by our schedule.

Administrators: We want to do things differently but we feel trapped by our curriculum.

Administrators: We want to go in new directions but we feel trapped by our PD model.

Administrators: We want to _____ but we feel trapped by _____.

Me: Aren’t you the ones who are in charge of those things?

A gentle reminder that we pay leaders to LEAD, not be helpless victims…

Image credit: Urbanely caged, Stuart Williams

3 Responses to “Trapped”

  1. The one I hear often from administrators is “my IT people will not let us do it.”

  2. Agree with the sentiments here. I’m trying to put myself in the shoes of a principal at an urban school district who essential serves as a middle manager. Schedule, curriculum, PD model and often times other important structures, may be dictated by the district office.

    When these things are under the direct influence of the administrators asking the questions, it’s a no brainer. When they’re not, advocacy at the never level up of administration may be needed.

  3. A good reminder. Unfortunately, many leaders just aren’t interested in actually leading.

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