Redesigning technology-infused lessons and units at ASB Unplugged

I facilitated three workshops at ASB Unplugged in Mumbai, India this year for international school educators. All three sessions went extremely well and the folks at the American School of Bombay were impeccable hosts, as always.

In my sessions we discussed deeper learning, greater student agency, more authentic work, and rich technology infusion. We utilized the trudacot discussion protocol to redesign lessons, units, and other learning activities. We had some amazing conversations and came up with all kinds of ways to #makeitbetter. Padlet screenshots are below. Right-click on the image to see a larger version or click on the date to see the actual Padlet. Let me know as you have questions. I love working with administrators and teachers on this kind of redesign work!

February 24

ASB Unplugged Feb 24

February 26

ASB Unplugged Feb 26

February 27

ASB Unplugged Feb 27

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing these Padlets from your sessions Scott. Trudacot seems to be gaining traction as a valuable tool to assist in lesson redesign. Sweet! I noticed that someone wrote “SAMR out trudacot in”. Do you think it is still valuable to have the SAMR conversation with teachers so they have a better understanding of how tech is being utilized in a lesson (and possibly the task relation to Blooms) or would you suggest going right for trudacot when working with teachers around technology integration?

    • When I did these workshops at ASB, we also talked early on about SAMR as a useful conceptual framework. But then we spent nearly all of our time with trudacot and discovered / discussed how it helps fill in the implementation gaps that SAMR leaves…

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