Online sharing is not digital leadership


Using social media to share with your community? It’s a start, but it’s not enough.

Using social media to connect with other educators? That’s awesome, but that’s not enough either.

Using what you’ve learned from social media to significantly change the day-to-day learning experiences of students (and teachers)? Now you’re getting somewhere…

In other words, the branding and the PLN work is great. But true digital leadership is much, much more. Let’s hear more about what kids and educators are doing differently, please.

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4 Responses to “Online sharing is not digital leadership”

  1. I would add that digital leadership also is actually being on the frontlines and working with students, even if you are a principal.

    Posting a tweet listing 5 great apps for something is not leadership.

  2. Digital leadership is more than being on the frontlines in a school building. Digital leadership is demonstrated by those who support changes in teaching and learning to promote school cultures of transparency, relevancy, meaning, engagement, and inspiration (Sheninger, 7 Pillars of Digital Leadership, 2013). A digital leader may be an administrator, a teacher, a consultant, a parent or active community member, even an ed services provider–anyone who truly fosters the opportunities of re-envisioned learning spaces that engage students in real world environments through practices of open communication within and beyond architectural limits. Digital leaders are those who do more than brand and retell their stories; digital leaders inspire the stories of teaching and learning worth writing.

  3. Collaborating and building something with others online. for example

  4. Susan Spellman Cann Reply June 13, 2015 at 8:59 am

    Digital leaders are those who build others up. They are those who help other educators/people along their journey. Digital leaders know that when you help someone else you help yourself. Digital leaders are those who are not afraid to make a mistake and continually learn. You don’t need to be in the front lines to do that, you just need to share your experience and know that others have so much to teach you. Every person has an opportunity to be helpful … every person has an opportunity to collaborate … to make a difference … to celebrate the good works of others (student, teachers, parents, community members) … to be a digital leader means to learn and be a responsible digital citizen yourself. To truly care enough to enter the digital world so that you can as Alec Couros says “we can think together”.

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