We can’t do what that other school is doing because…

We can’t do what that other school is doing because…

  • they are bigger and have more resources
  • they are smaller and are more nimble
  • they are rural and have strong-knit communities
  • they are urban and have access to the city
  • they are suburban and have more money
  • they don’t have the same time issues we do
  • they don’t have the same discipline issues we do
  • they don’t have the same personnel issues we do
  • they don’t have the same financial issues we do
  • they don’t have the same transportation issues we do
  • they don’t have the same accountability issues we do
  • they have parent support
  • they have community support
  • they have business support
  • they have paras
  • they have teacher’s aides
  • they have volunteers
  • they have a different schedule
  • they have different standards
  • they have different policies
  • they have different professional development
  • they have more supportive administrators
  • they have a more supportive school board
  • they have more expert veteran teachers
  • they have more eager new teachers
  • they can get kids to come before school
  • they can get kids to come after school
  • they can get kids to come during school
  • they don’t have all of the extra committees that we do
  • they don’t have all of the extra duties that we do
  • they have computer labs
  • they have computer carts
  • they have laptops
  • they have iPads
  • they have Chromebooks
  • they have better Internet
  • they are a private school
  • they are a charter school
  • they are a magnet school
  • they are an online school
  • they have [fill in the blank] where they are
  • they don’t have OUR kids
  • they ???

We’re really good at finding reasons for inaction. How many of these have you heard? What would you add to this list?

How you gonna change the world if you can't change yourself? [Graffiti]

Image credit: Change starts from within, Phillip

8 Responses to “We can’t do what that other school is doing because…”

  1. Conspicuous by its absence: “They have better administrators, better leadership”. Might actually be something to that one, though!

  2. Also conspicuously absent, the last two reasons acknowledged and addressed by schools who DO engage in successful programs of change:

    – We don’t really think we need to.
    – We’re afraid we won’t be able to.

  3. “they have more supportive administrators” is on the laundry list… 🙂

    Robert, thanks for the two additions. Nicely done!

  4. Yes, leadership and admin matter. Leaders need to face their own “brutal facts” about their leadership skills, ability and willingness to work hard.

  5. So “let’s stop pretending” and be the change we want in the world. Let’s band together to make that change. I for one, am starting in a very small way, but would love more company on the journey.

  6. This is powerful in its own existence. I found myself curious as to what the next excuse would be every single time. I wonder how you even complied that many as it is. With the amount of excuses we come up with there are so many ways we can be servicing students in combating things like the digital divide and racial, social, and socioeconomic inequities. There is an old saying that before you get angry you have to give someone 70 excuses for doing what they do. Right now, your list is around 43 excuses. Here are a few more for you:
    44: They have better training than we do
    45: They have an IT, ELL, Writing/reading support department.
    46: They can afford to go to conferences
    47: They have time and money to go get certified in other things
    48: They need it more than we do
    49: They don’t have a lot of the great things that we do
    50: They are all talk. I’m sure it’s very different on the inside.

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