Snuffing out our own progress

Crabs in a bucket

I just left this comment at Tony Tepedino’s blog in response to his statement that we have to stop pretending that academic rigor can only occur in a traditional classroom setting:

I have seen innovative, project-based learning environments killed – by OTHER TEACHERS IN THE SCHOOL!!!! – because kids liked those learning spaces better than what their more traditional teachers were offering. Rather than shifting their instruction, they snuffed out the promising new directions instead.


I saw a wonderful video long ago from Gloria Ladson-Billings that reminded us as school leaders that we have to make sure the change people win. We must fight these crab bucket cultures with everything we’ve got…

Image credit: Crabs in a bucket, Todd Shaffer

2 Responses to “Snuffing out our own progress”

  1. You are so correct! Fear, ignorance, ego – Apr 18

  2. You must be open to change. You must also be willing to learn something new and current to teach the students of today. They already know more than most of the older teachers due to technology. You would think that rather than turn their noses up to project based learning, they would do everything in their power to accept and embrace a new and engaging way to get their students to be eager to learn.

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