Keynote – Iowa Council for Social Studies

Iowa Council for Social Studies 2014I had the honor of keynoting the Iowa Council for Social Studies conference last month. I only had 30 minutes so of course I had 186 slides! I usually avoid giving (or attending) firehose presentations but I made an exception this time in order to highlight the breadth of resources available to social studies educators if they choose to partake.

You are welcome to view my slide deck (notes, comments, and URLs are attached). Attendees were notified both before and after my keynote that this would be available to them so they could just immerse themselves in the flow of my presentation. Let me know if you’ve got thoughts or questions. My favorite slide is at the end when I said, ‘We have to fall out of love with our own voices and enable those of our students instead!”

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  1. Myron T. a Quality Education Listserv, acquaintance often used a similar signature; “Now that I’m an expert, I must be quiet so my students may learn.”

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