We shouldn’t be carnies


The carnival comes to town. It’s exciting, it’s thrilling, it is SUPER fun. But then it leaves and we’re back to business as usual.

Does this describe our technology integration activities? Or our STEM programs? Or our PBL projects? Momentary, short-term bursts of interest and excitement followed by the regular same old, same old?

We could make these higher-interest learning experiences regular and frequent components of our day-to-day instruction. Or we can continue to treat them as occasional, perhaps primarily extracurricular, carnival-like events. Personally, I believe that we shouldn’t be carnies.

For more, watch our video, What Makes a Quality STEM Activity?, for this year’s 2014 K12Online Conference.

Image credit: Carnival in motion, Steve Petrucelli

2 Responses to “We shouldn’t be carnies”

  1. I definitely agree with this point that you and Mike Anderson made in your K12online preso very persuasively! When I tweeted that quote today I was mainly wanting to amplify how I thought it was a clever way to say it… It’s a point well made as well as received by me! 🙂

  2. Taylor Parker- University of South Alabama Reply November 9, 2014 at 6:56 pm

    What a great idea to compare a carnival to “learning”. I agree that learning should be fun and thriving all the time, rather than just a short period of time. Making learning fun seems like it will be one of my toughest challenges when I become an educator. Keeping students engaged at all times will be tough, but I believe through the use of technology it is possible.

    Taylor Parker
    University of South Alabama

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