When it comes to technology, schools like to buy stuff

Gary Stager said:

They say change in schools is geologically slow, but not when it comes to buying stuff.  Look at the exhibit hall here [at ISTE].

via http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/DigitalEducation/2014/06/popular_maker_movement_incompa.html

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  1. I am the only teacher in our building not using a smart-board. I don’t want one and the admin respected that. My chalkboard works perfectly and my students do incredibly well. We took photos of the “chalkboard art” when it was full of their work–and made a page for them on our classroom website. Next year I’m switching grades and one is being put in my “new” classroom–but not on the main wall. As a teacher, I need lots of books, paper, pencils… and we’ll do fine.

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