Just read, you third grade slackers!


Peter Greene said:

Florida’s program is called “Just Read, Florida!” and that name really captures the cluelessness of the whole approach. Like many Reformster programs, this one starts with the assumption that these little eight-year-old slackers just aren’t being sufficiently threatened and browbeaten. They could read, dammit– they’re just holding out on us! Don’t tell me about your problems or your challenges or your background or your use of English as a second language or your cognitive impairments or how your life gets in the way of your school– Just Read, Dammit! Just do it! Because there is no better pedagogical technique than Insisting Strongly.


Because children should grow as they are told to grow, and they should all grow exactly the same way at exactly the same time. And if they won’t behave and conform and obey, they must be punished until they will.

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2 Responses to “Just read, you third grade slackers!”

  1. This mentality is so sad….I have worked with some of my students for over 4 years. We read ALL of the time. It hasn’t made them strong readers. They have made VAST improvements but it is still SOOO hard. To have retained them for not meeting a certain number on their 3rd grade tests would have crushed any one of these students. Knowing them as well as I do, it would have put them at HIGHER risk of failure than they are now. These people need to come into a classroom, look these kids in the eye, and tell them they need to work harder. If success was based on effort alone, many of my kiddos would be the most successful in school. We are ALL different; strong in some things, weak in others. I expect my kids to do their best. What more can I ask of them?

  2. Reminds me of Arizona’s “Move On When Reading” — if a 3rd grader doesn’t pass our state test, then they are retained. There’s no limit to how many times they are retained.

    So excited to have 16 year olds in 3rd grade!

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