Less submissiveness. More voice.

Shout out loud

George Couros says:

As a teacher, would you prefer to work in an environment where [your] principal (who is [your] boss) wants feedback on the things that are happening in the school and actively listens? This doesn’t mean [she] always agree[s], but that you know [she] genuinely takes feedback in the workplace and figures out a way to implement some suggestions.

Or would you simply want to do what you were told, because that’s what you should do?

And in a comment to George’s post, Jim Cordery says:

We want people to act/think outside of the box, until those students end up sitting in our rooms. Then, the questioning of things is seen as defiance.

We need less submissiveness. We need more questions. We need more voice. From students. From educators. From citizens. From you.

I’m ready to kick my blog up a notch or two this year. Consider yourself forewarned…

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  1. To create an environment where that works,, we’ve got to spend more time teaching kids to ask questions thoughtfully. Most of our instruction focuses

  2. (So embarrassing, not sure what I did to submit early!)

    Anyway, most of our instruction focuses on how to answer questions, not how to ask them. And that leaves us with kids who don’t know how to ask; if we never teach them, we can’t be surprised that many don’t know. As a high school librarian, when I work with kids on questioning, they really struggle with it, even and sometimes especially the very bright ones–because they’ve never been asked to do it before, and have been rewarded with As for work that didn’t involve questioning.

  3. Being a new Principal, feedback is what I really need. I give feedback on instruction and many other things going on in the building, but as far as my performance, i’m left to second guess. Listen teachers, admins need you to speak up. This is your building just as much as it is the parents, students and community. You have a voice use it! Please…

  4. So much in ed reform goes back to CONTROL

    I’m ready for your next level, Scott! Happy ’14!

  5. Patrick @techintegrator Reply January 3, 2014 at 4:53 pm

    I think this conversation is sorely needed, Scott. Educators showing the power of great experiences in the classroom and those of us in other Ed positions supporting great classroom excellence is essential. Looking forward to your new approach!

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