Blab schools

Here’s a video about Cheyenne Mountain Charter Academy, a direct instruction school in Colorado that uses tightly-scripted lessons:

“I was reading something about Abraham Lincoln and they said that he attended ‘blab schools,’ that all the students would answer with one voice, and it just made me chuckle because that’s what a direct instruction class sounds like.”

This is an awesome format for creating compliant followers. Yes, ma’am! Whatever you say, ma’am! It’s like North Korea…

More memorized student chanting here if you’re interested. Also compare this with the Relay Graduate School of Education video I shared last week. #dreambigger

Hat tip: David Price

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  1. Scott,
    The point I made in the original post was that a ‘blab school’ might have been attractive when schools had no books – but we’ve gone a bit beyond that these days!

    If you ‘liked’ that one, check out this:

    It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic!

  2. Also Lincoln didn’t attend school very frequently. I have a children’s book about Lincoln my kids love and so I can quote a bit about Lincoln’s child schools days:

    “I don’t suppose those days would add up to much more than a year.”

    So primary school had little impact on who he became.

  3. Ha ha. This is awesome. That’s exactly how I feel about scripted curriculum.

  4. After watching the two videos I will think a little harder before describing a school as using ‘direct instruction’ again. My favorite part of the video is definitely the reference to Abraham Lincoln calling his childhood school a ‘blab school’. EDM 510 Class Blog, Anastasia Martin EDM 510 Blog

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