We have become a nation of test-givers, assessing student performance and knowledge in a way that is largely exempt from any kind of real-life application. As important as standard assessments are, relevant and authentic assessments are even more vital. Educators must give assignments that engage students’ curiosity and imagination instead of those that hold little authenticity and are simply to satisfy answers to a test; when they do, students will rise. They will lean into the issues they face in literature and current issues in the world if given the chance, and it is inspiring to see that, when given an opportunity to voice their opinions and share experiences, they can do just that.

In this kind of atmosphere, compliancy  gives way to engagement and it is here where students find their own voices, where they uncover the seeds of their own stories and where they discover themselves.

Ann Camacho via http://smartblogs.com/education/2012/10/02/life-literature