Parents believe that technology can improve students’ learning

research from the CEA showed that three-quarters of U.S. parents of students in grades K-12 “agree” or “strongly agree” that technology greatly improves students’ learning experiences, and that two-thirds “agree” or “strongly agree” that they personally have seen their children benefit from educational technology implementation.

Further, more than half of respondents from the general public “agree” or “strongly agree” that K-12 students should be provided a computer for their education, the research showed.


2 Responses to “Parents believe that technology can improve students’ learning”

  1. Interesting study! Technology is definitely a helpful tool in the classroom and I support improvements in technology in the classroom.

  2. I agree with your study as well. Technology is a very integral part of the educational system as it continues to grow. I feel that while Bring your own device is a good way to begin integratinf tech into schools it would be less stress on the low income parents and students if schools would at least provide a class set for the use of all students on a schedule in the school. I have written many articles on this subject om my website check them out and let me know what you think.
    Great article by the way!

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