Want students to be more creative and innovative? Give them the gift of time. [VIDEO]

I love this 2-minute video. Watch it and you will too!

If we want students and graduates who are more creative, innovative thinkers, we must find better ways to free them from the constraint of time. 

At the end, the video states Creativity is not inspired by the pressure of time but by the freedom, the playfulness, and the fun. Does that describe most secondary classrooms you know? I know many that fit that description, but not anywhere near enough. Too many pressures regarding content coverage and/or accountability…

Hat tip: George Couros

3 Responses to “Want students to be more creative and innovative? Give them the gift of time. [VIDEO]”

  1. While I agree with this, I have seen in my own life how sometimes too much time gets me into a place where I am self-critical and overly analytical. Sometimes a short spurt of free time is what spurs creativity. Sometimes boundaries on time force me to be innovative. Not always, but sometimes. I think there’s some nuance there.

  2. I agree, John. As Dan Meyer so often reminds us, constraints (including time) often can help foster creativity in certain situations. That said, we surely need more open, unstructured, creative time in most schools!

  3. I love this clip! I feel the restrictions of time most in test situations for my students. If I am trying to find out what they know, why should I be so strict with time limits….if I am strict about the time, it seems more like I am trying to “trick” them or focus on what they don’t know.

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