1,133 educational leaders to kickstart your Twitter feed


Got an administrator in your school or district who’s interested in Twitter but doesn’t know whom to follow? Interested in connecting online with more administrators yourself? Get started with these 1,133 educational leaders on Twitter! [UPDATE: Now up to over 2,000 leaders!]

I’ll keep adding to this collection. Special thanks to Patrick Larkin, George Couros, Lyn Hilt, Chris Lehmann, Dan Frazier, and others for helping me expand my existing list. If you’re maintaining a Twitter list of P-12 educational administrators that I should know about, or would like to chat about creative ways to use these lists, get in touch!

[Continuing what I hope will be a months-long wave of resources for school leaders and the programs that prepare them…]

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  1. Scott,
    Knowing that your upcoming context is IA administrators in your new role at PLAEA…here is a specific list of IA folks.


    I think SAI initiated this list. You’re probably already aware of it, but thought I’d post it here as well.

    • Thanks, Matt! I’ll go through the spreadsheet and see whom to add to my Iowa and other Twitter lists…

    • Scott,

      Thanks for the list. Any chance that this list, or any other, is sorted by position? I would specifically like to connect with other curriculum directors/assistant superintendents of curriculum. Thanks again!

      • I don’t know of any way to sort a Twitter list by role, geography, or any other characteristic short of entering and sorting it manually in a spreadsheet. I don’t know of any Twitter lists of curriculum directors, but there might be one out there somewhere. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

  2. I can’t see this list being at all helpful to the “administrator in your school or district who’s interested in Twitter but doesn’t know whom to follow?”. It’s simply a case of overload, of way too many things thrown at the screen hoping something will stick. Someone new to Twitter wouldn’t appreciate it. It’s kind of like the 23,000,000 results to a Google search – no one ever goes past page three.

    Make a “New to Twitter – Principals Edition” list with 30 people to follow, the best ones for a principal to follow. One for APs in charge of discipline, one for supts, etc.

    Once hooked, they can then look at your 1500 people with a more educated eye.

    • That’s definitely one approach. Another is to just subscribe to the list(s) and then see what’s going on and what’s being shared. Another is to use the lists to identify select people who look more relevant, who are in your geographic area, who do what you do, etc. There are lots of ways to use these lists… I appreciate your feedback!

  3. Seems more like a popularity contest than helpful resource. I agree with Crums.

  4. It’s a starting place. Thank ya sir!

  5. Scott-your list is great. I haven’t crossed referenced it, but I also have a list of Twitter Superintendents. I haven’t updated it in a while, but hopefully these show up in yours. (shared google doc) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0An7dNtaJ5OcEdHZFeGxVMlFjamZwVVF0VTFKNkhZSHc#gid=0

  6. Thanks, Dean. I also have spreadsheets at the links below that I need to revisit. I’ll try to go through these lists and yours soon!

    Superintendent and District Blogs/Twitter

    Principal and School Blogs/Twitter

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