Bored student on computer

Here are two quotes for you:

Economically disadvantaged students, who often use the computer for remediation and basic skills, learn to do what the computer tells them, while more affluent students, who use it to learn programming and tool applications, learn to tell the computer what to do.

Neuman, D. (1991). Technology and equity. Available at


Those who cannot claim computers as their own tool for exploring the world never grasp the power of technology… They are controlled by technology as adults – just as drill-and-practice routines controlled them as students.

Pillar, C. (1992). Separate realities: The creation of the technological underclass in America’s public schools. MacWorld, 9(9), 218-230.

Twenty years later, these quotes still ring true. What is your school doing to close the technology usage divide (not just the technology access divide)?

Hat tip: Miguel Guhlin and Solomon, Allen, & Resta