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Retweet Share 2 4 Google +1 3 inquiry-driven, technology-embedded, connected English classroom looks like (see also her post on a science classroom)
  • Ewan McIntosh talks about Guy Claxton’s big question: What’s the point of school?
  • Donald Clark says that 21st century skills are so last century
  • Dan Rothstein and Luz Santana note that it’s critical to teach students to ask their own questions
  • Here’s a resource that will help you identify apps for children with special needs

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    1. saravanan parthasarathy:

      Hi there, i checked all the five.. thank you folks for such a nice collection!

    2. Martin Goldberg:

      Scott, ditto above.

      The choir is at least listening, but the audience has ear plugs.

      I continue to wonder, not if these ideas are right or sound, but what are the impediments that prevent the stakeholders in public education to really consider them?

      Martin Goldberg

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