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Five online resources worth checking out…

  1. Shelley Wright shares what life in an inquiry-driven, technology-embedded, connected English classroom looks like (see also her post on a science classroom)
  2. Ewan McIntosh talks about Guy Claxton’s big question: What’s the point of school?
  3. Donald Clark says that 21st century skills are so last century
  4. Dan Rothstein and Luz Santana note that it’s critical to teach students to ask their own questions
  5. Here’s a resource that will help you identify apps for children with special needs

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2 comments on this post.
  1. saravanan parthasarathy:

    Hi there, i checked all the five.. thank you folks for such a nice collection!

  2. Martin Goldberg:

    Scott, ditto above.

    The choir is at least listening, but the audience has ear plugs.

    I continue to wonder, not if these ideas are right or sound, but what are the impediments that prevent the stakeholders in public education to really consider them?

    Martin Goldberg

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