Vicki Davis just blogged that an innovative teacher friend of hers has been shut down by her school district’s leadership because:

No one else is doing this in our state, so why should we?

BeafollowerPathetic. Appalling. And sad.

Talented personnel drive innovation. Any school organization that hopes to successfully navigate these complex times needs every talented educator it can get. I hope that Vicki’s friend leaves that school system as soon as she can; the managers there (note I did not use the term ‘leaders’) deserve what they get. Unfortunately, the students and families there do NOT deserve what they now will be getting, which is a lack of exposure to the essential competencies they need to be successful in a hypercompetitive, technology-suffused, globally-connected information economy.

Leadership means you’re supposed to lead. There’s absolutely nothing about this statement that reflects the concept of leadership. Shame on those administrators school board members.

Update: I changed this post slightly to reflect the new information that Vicki shared below…