These posts got the most web traffic on my two blogs in October 2010:

Dangerously Irrelevant

  1. Videos – I hate my teacher
  2. 12 videos to spark educators’ thinking
  3. We can’t let educators off the hook
  4. Will libraries still exist?
  5. What I ask of SLA teachers [guest post]
  6. How much math do you really need in everyday life?
  7. Video – Did You Know? 4.0
  8. What are our excuses, again, for not putting computers in the hands of our children?
  9. Tools for school – Digital document annotation on an iPad, iPod Touch, or laptop
  10. Bolman & Deal frameworks

RSSChampMind Dump

  1. There’s a thin line between words and wounds
  2. Only a rich white person would say something this stupid?
  3. The most illiterate discussion ever regarding student learning?
  4. Don’t hold grudges
  5. When you argue with an idiot
  6. It’s no wonder school-age students are still lugging home pounds of textbooks
  7. Not a single suggestion for improving my teaching. Ever.
  8. Steven Weber: Would I want my child in this classroom?
  9. The Daily Show takes on the education crisis
  10. America throws out some of the best innovators in the world