Connected Principals has joined the CASTLE family!

I am absolutely delighted to announce that the Connected Principals blog is now a member of the CASTLE blog family. Connected Principals currently has 22 school administrators blogging about technology leadership and other topics. We are extremely excited to have these insightful school leaders join us!

ConnectedprincipalsbadgeHere are a few posts to get you started:

FYI, you can visit each of CASTLE’s blogs individually or you can subscribe to them all using our overall CASTLE blog RSS feed.

Next up for the CASTLE blog family: a Leadership for Social Justice blog. Happy reading!

4 Responses to “Connected Principals has joined the CASTLE family!”

  1. I am glad that this partnership has been formed! The more educators can connect with one another, the more opportunities we will have to move forward!

  2. Scott – Thanks for allowing us to connect to CASTLE and expand our network through the connection to your great organization!

    We are all trying to support our colleagues in the integration of technology into their professional lives and their schools. CASTLE is the best place for this! I am so excited about the possibilities. It is so great to be associated with progressive educators like you and George and the rest of the folks who are at both CASTLE and the Connected Principals!

  3. I feel so fortunate to have connected with the amazing Connected Principals contributors, and I’m excited about this new partnership with CASTLE! I’m looking forward to extending my learning in the areas of educational leadership and technologies through this opportunity!

  4. Thank you Dr. McCleod for your vision and leadership. CASTLE is a great resource for practicing administrators! Hopefully the Connected Principal’s inclusion here will help spread the “net” in order to catch more administrators and help them become digital leaders!

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