Be a courageous edublogger

Miguel Guhlin had an awesome post yesterday about being a courageous edublogger. Here are a couple of quotes:

I have found that discussing some topics usually ruffle feathers of those who fear free speech, openness and transparency. It’s as if by silencing others, they will eliminate the threat represented. Yet, if sharing ideas and information is the threat, then human beings will never be safe.


What if what we need in education are more bloggers, unafraid to ask the hard questions and ruffle the feathers of those who, like career politicians, appear smooth as an oil slick in the Gulf?

Happy reading! (oh, and Miguel’s the one on the left)


4 Responses to “Be a courageous edublogger”

  1. I post what I feel and believe also. So far it hasn’t ruffled any feathers in my school or district because no administrator follows me (or any blog for that matter). Other teachers do and they either agree with me or have excellent counter points.

    What edubloggers need is a bigger audience. Our audience is usually other edubloggers. We need to get parents and other teachers and some politicians listening to us.

  2. Fascinating picture, Scott! It reminds me of those pictures employees get fired about because they are drinking while in uniform, even if off-the-clock.

    If I had posted the picture, I would have cropped out the table and smudged the logo on the black shirt.

    Thanks for the feedback,
    Miguel Guhlin

  3. Thanks so much! What is, is. That said, I’m retiring that shirt (smile).

    A cowardly lion,


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