Are you an infrequent edublogger?

BlogchallengeAre you an infrequent edublogger? Would you like to blog more but often have writer’s block?

If so, check out Melanie Holtsman’s Fall Blog Challenge. She has a list of weekly topics for you. Simply react to her prompts and tag each post (and tweet to @Holtsman) with the following hashtag:


What are you waiting for? Get your creative juices flowing and connect with other edubloggers. Great idea, Melanie!

4 Responses to “Are you an infrequent edublogger?”

  1. This challenge seems to resonate with so many, I’m glad to know I’m not the only blogger that needed a boost. I learn so much from others and think it’s so important to also take the time to share myself. Thanks for spreading the word so that we can all encourage each other!

  2. Excellent! Just what I needed!

  3. Please take a gander at my new blog. Find out the REAL reasons we’re so damn Bad. And have a little laugh along the way.

  4. I had a blog and I was attacked by the fascist Web 2.0 stormtroopers and other vicious hags in my profession as if I were a heretic.

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