My take on SAI’s legislative priorities this year

The School Administrators of Iowa (SAI), which has been a critical partner and steadfast supporter of our work here at CASTLE, asked all of its members to recommend some advocacy priorities for this year’s legislative session. Here were the choices given (click on image for larger version):


These are important, but I thought something was missing. Here’s what I put under ‘Other’:

Most of this is ‘tweak/perpetuate the current system’ stuff. Where’s the visionary (and IMPORTANT) stuff like laptops, online learning, 21st century curricula, PD for educators for higher-order thinking, higher-order assessments, ubiquitous statewide broadband access, rethinking workforce preparation, competency-based student progression, etc.?

What do you think SAI’s (or your state leadership associations’) legislative advocacy priorities should be this year?

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  1. Scott,

    I agree that the choices were pretty “safe”. It takes risk-taking mentality to try new things. At the root of it is a system that rewards tenure and experiences before we promote a person to a new level of leadership. I am not bashing our current leadership, they do good things, but the era that most grew up in sometimes are conservative on the 21st Century charge.

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