My Google Chrome extensions (August 2010)

I’m a huge fan of Google Chrome; every other browser seems poky and/or unstable in comparison. If you haven’t used it, I highly recommend you try it. You may never go back to your old browser!

I thought I’d share my current extensions (click on images for larger versions). I’m particularly fond of Shareaholic, Last Pass, RSS Subscription Extension, Unburner, and Send using Gmail. If you’re using Chrome, what other extensions should I try?


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  1. I used Chromed Bird for all my twitter needs (except images). I write about it and other extensions in my latest blog post:

  2. I really like Awesome Screenshot for screen capturing and annotating. I’m also a big fan of Flickr CC Attribution Helper.

  3. I rely heavily on Google, so I use One Number. It shows/checks gmail, reader, voice, and wave (author is working on adding Calendar and Buzz). It displays the number of each new instance in the individual services.

  4. Proxy Switchy!
    every Chinese user need this extension!!!

  5. Adblock

    Even sites like the NYTimes, Fox News, Yahoo, and Google have distributed “malware” from ads. Yes, sites need the revenue from ads, but they also need to vet them better than they currently do.

  6. The official DIIGO and Delicious extensions work well with those tools. Also Evernote Clipper

  7. Another Chrome Fan Reply August 23, 2010 at 5:23 pm

    History Trends

    I’m the developer, so I am of course biased, but it’s a fun extension that analyzes your history and displays all kinds of charts and statistics of your browsing habits.

  8. Scott, if you want a way to easily manage your gmail from Chrome, you might also check out Google Mail Checker Plus. It notifies you of anything new in your Inbox, lets you read it in a simple drop down, then archive it or save it for later if you want. It’s pretty slick, and saves me a ton of time.

  9. here are mine on this PC. will try to get my home PC later

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