Free book (and e-books) from Jeff Utecht [LIMITED TIME OFFER]

ReachJeff Utecht is offering a free copy of his new book, Reach, until Friday, June 18. After then you can purchase a PDF or paper copy at a very affordable price (which is what I did because I want to encourage him to do more of this!).

You also should check out Jeff’s free e-books: Blogs as Web-Based Portfolios and Planning for 21st Century Technologies in Schools.

Jeff’s new book campaign illustrates that the Web makes it easy for us to share resources and gain visibility for our efforts. This is a wonderful (and previously unimaginable) thing. As Seth Godin notes:

Ideas that spread, win.

[and e-books are a great way to do this]

Is your school organization teaching its students to be EMPOWERED (not just safe, responsible, and appropriate) users of our new information landscape? Or is it still pretending that being findable on the Web – as an individual / company / agency / charity / NGO / etc. – is less important than, say, mastering those soon-to-be-forgotten fact nuggets?

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  1. Thanks Scott for passing along the word.

    It’s been a fun couple of days watching this spread. Which is what the book is all about. 🙂

    Loving the new look of the blog as well.

    See you in Denver!

  2. Thank you Scott for letting us know and thank you Jeff for your book. I just downloaded it and plan on reading it this weekend.

    Mind if I plug it on the HP Teacher Experience Exchange?

    Thanks again,
    Mark Brumley
    Community Manager
    HP Teacher Experience Exchange

  3. Just picked it up and looking forward to reading it (on the iPad, naturally).

    One reason I’m looking forward to reading it is because there is a corner of research within innovation diffusion theory which posits that communication of an innovation by the “supplier” is key to adoption, both at the individual and organizational level.

    In this case, the innovation I’m interested in is data driven decision making within professional learning communities. The initial “supplier” of the innovation can be viewed as the building leadership. I believe there is a strong role that social media can play in helping good innovations, like DDDM and PLCs, stick.

  4. Some people see things that are and ask, Why? Some people dream of things that never were and ask, Why not? Some people have to go to work and don’t have time for all that..

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