Video – Social Media Reading List for School Leaders

This is a must-watch video by Hans Mundahl, Director of Experiental Learning and Technology Coordinator at the New Hampton School in New Hampshire. Not only does Hans have a cool title (how awesome would it be if every school had a ‘director of experiential learning?’), he makes a mean video.

Check out Hans’ 3–minute clip below, where he tries to explain the value of social media to his school leadership team. Then check out the wiki page that resulted from his efforts. Nice work, Hans!

[hat tip to Jesse Moyer at The Future of Education blog for leading me to this]

3 Responses to “Video – Social Media Reading List for School Leaders”

  1. Nicely done. I think there will be a lot of sharing going on.
    Cheryl Oakes
    Wells Ogunquit CSD, Wells, ME

  2. Hi Scott – thanks so much for posting the video – I appreciate it!

  3. A nicely done video that should help get some admin teams talking!
    Jason Kurth
    Fairfield Schools

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