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Here’s a 10-minute video I helped make that advocates for P-12 online learning. Created by Intermediate District 287 in Minnesota, which heads up the Northern Star Online collaborative, the video features Mike Smart, 2007 Minnesota Teacher of the Year, and a number of other Minnesota educators and students. The video will be used for educational and policy advocacy purposes with community members, parents, administrators, and legislators.

Here’s my favorite statement I made in the video (at 7:20):

One of the things I think we have to ask ourselves as school leaders is ‘What’s our moral imperative to prepare kids for a digital, global age?’ Right now we’re sort of ignoring that requirement. . . . I think you would take a look at much of what we do in our current schooling system and just toss it and essentially start over. So the question for school leaders and for policymakers is ‘How brave are you and how visionary are you going to be?’ And you don’t even have to be that visionary. Just look around right now and see the trends that already are happening and just project those out and see that it’s going to be a very different world.

Happy viewing!

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  1. Scott,

    Great message about either getting moving with this or it will be “dictated to you”. However, it did pain me as a 1:1 school that the students doing online classes are in a lab or library setting. Get them a tool to work online whenever and wherever!

  2. Is this video posted somewhere schools aren’t blocking?

  3. ….best quotes, “what are the States doing to prepare for this eventuality?

    It is going to have an effect on your bargaining agreements,….”

    My question, what are teachers unions doing to meet the challenges that online learning will have on learning. Too often, their bargaining positions thwart true innovation in learning.

  4. District 287 posted a non-YouTube version on their site. Direct link is

    Or go to and click the video tab.

  5. Keep the videos coming, I’m assembling several for our staff and am trying to come up with a format to drive the point home that change needs to happen and happen fast.

  6. In almost 10 minutes, this video managed never to show us what online learning looks like. It’s hard to understand what’s so wonderful without seeing any examples of the different experiences or advantages that it provides. Help me out here. I need to know more.

  7. The video was timely for me as we are having a conversation about whether online learning can be used to meet the needs of students interested in world language. I would love to connect with teachers who are using online learning in the area of world languages, specifically. Anyone with experience in this area, interested in connecting, please email me at

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