You need leverage (aka “Why I blog”)

Seth Godin says

If you want to change people, you must create enough leverage to encourage the change to happen.

I’ll be making this argument when it’s time for me to go up for promotion…

7 Responses to “You need leverage (aka “Why I blog”)”

  1. Does this mean you are working on a book, Scott? I hope so.


  2. Actually, Doug, I just received word that my sabbatical request in the fall has been approved by the Iowa Board of Regents. Among other things, I do indeed plan to work on a book or two. Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Sabbatical! What! Does that mean you won’t be blogging anymore? Ahhhhh! j/k

  4. No, I’ll probably be blogging MORE, not less. More time to read and think!

  5. Good luck on your book, Scott!

  6. Scott,

    Congratulations on the sabbatical. I will continue to read your blog and look forward to the possiblity of a reading book authored by you.

  7. I am sure your book will be amazing. You have an original perspective and strong voice.

    Look forward to reading it.


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