2009 Edublog Awards: My thoughts on ‘lifetime achievement’


I’ve been nominated for a few Edublog Awards this year, including Best Individual Blog, Lifetime Achievement, and Best Leadership Blog (a nonexistent category!). I’m flattered that some folks think I’m worthy of nomination and am appreciative of their support of my writing.

I should be WAY down the list when it comes to any kind of lifetime achievement award. The category is only in its second year of existence; David Warlick won last year. I can think of a number of different folks that have come before me and are much more deserving. Below is a partial list that is 1) in no particular order, and 2) by no means exclusive of others that I’m forgetting at this moment. All of these folks have influenced my thinking and writing and many were very kind to me when I was getting started.

I only have been blogging for about 3 years now. Maybe in another decade or two - if I’m still at this and the folks above all have been selected - I’ll feel like it might be my turn. Until then, I hope you’ll consider throwing your support behind one of these others (if they get selected for the final ballot).

Nominations close December 8 if you’re interested in recognizing the blogging contributions of others. Voting ends December 16 and the awards are announced December 18. Keep writing and learning, everyone!

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  1. Scott,
    I have this same comment every year when the Edublog Awards come out: “Why is there not a Best Principal or School Administrator Blog” award? I have asked them, and their answer is that there are not enough people interested in this category.

    I find this frustrating because there are a lot of wonderful principal and superintendent bloggers out there who should be recognized.

    What do you think?

  2. Kind of you, Scott. As I’m a youngun around these parts, I’m thinking it’s a bit premature to be thinking about lifetime achievement – I’m just getting started!

  3. Yes, lots of us are “just getting started” — I just had my four year anniversary so you and I came ’round about the same time. Thank you for the honor of including me on your list as you’d certainly be on mine as a mentor, advisor (who else could I trust to tell me about legal things in schools?), and great guy to get a laugh from at ISTE (nice nametag!)

    Thank you so much for stirring the pot around here! 😉

  4. I am honored to make your list, but you would be very deserving of the award. I believe you have done more to help administrators around the world understand this new digital landscape than anyone else. From articles, to our blog, to your Leadership Program. You have accomplished enough already to get a lifetime award…..and it’s scary to think…this is just the beginning for many of us. 🙂

  5. Ditto on Jeff’s remarks. You can give me a lifetime achievement when I die and my blog sinks into oblivion!!

    In other words, only over my dead body!

    (no offense to other Lifetime Award winners (grin))

  6. Scott,
    Blogging has such a brief history; but in that small window of time you have made an important contribution. Congratulations! The more we honor each others’ work the better. Forward, my man, Forward!
    In appreciation,

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