11-25 ISTE conference keynote update

Here is the current leaderboard for the ISTE conference keynote crowdsourcing project. I’ll try to post a daily update between now and December 15. Have you voted yet?


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  1. For the record, I think it shows that something is not quite right with this process (not knowing what ISTE’s next step is, I could change my mind on that). Too much name recognition, not enough thought about who would be most effective. The fact that I am currently ahead of Michael Wesch in that category is proof that we have a problem. (No, that is not false modesty. Who would be more successful addressing that topic to an ISTE audience?)

  2. Perhaps you underestimate your following, Karl. Dr. Wesch would be great, I’m sure. But, as Sean Nash noted in the comments area under your name, many of us think you’d be great too! (And, to be honest, you have more of a social media presence than Dr. Wesch, despite his wonderful videos, which means we better know you and your voice)

  3. You’ve always been a bad judge of character . . . 🙂

    If social media presence is the standard, then there are many, many folks more qualified. But I don’t think it is the standard, especially for an ISTE keynote.

    Think about that audience. Think about who attends ISTE. Now think who has a better chance of impacting that audience and getting them to think about changing. My money is on Michael Wesch. (I’d be more than happy to bring him a water bottle, though.)

  4. Michael Wesch was the keynote speaker at the Wisconsin Educational Media and Technology Association (Wisconsin’s Ed. Tech Conference) this past spring. I enjoyed the talk very much, but I can’t recall walking away with an idea or inspiration (I do have a not-so-good memory sometimes). I’m sure I was agreeing with much of what he said, however.

    I hope that whoever is chosen can speak to a broad audience. I don’t want the discussion geared towards high school students only or a specific age student. I’d like to be able to walk away inspired, with something I could take back to my teaching at my elementary school and put into place. Perhaps this is what the sessions are for, but I’d like to see the keynote speaker at this conference be someone big – someone even those outside of our field would say “Wow!”

  5. @Chad – I agree that it would be good if it was somebody who could address K-20, but I think I would disagree with the “someone from outside of our field.” The other keynote speakers are typically from “outside of our field” – this is the one keynote where we can tap into somebody who lives and breathes what we do.

    My top choice (of the choices I’ve seen, anyway), is Chris Lehmann. I think he can speak to everyone who is typically in an ISTE audience, from classroom teachers at any level to administrators, from IT folks to school board members, from central office folks to state department of ed folks.

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