11-24 ISTE conference keynote update

Here is the current leaderboard for the ISTE conference keynote crowdsourcing project. I’ll try to post a daily update between now and December 15. Have you voted yet?


2 Responses to “11-24 ISTE conference keynote update”

  1. While I think Chris would do a great keynote (and I’ve done as much ballet box stuffing as I can :-), I’m not sure ISTE will let it happen. For one thing, he’s not “commercial” enough. Keynotes at large conferences like the one formerly known as NECC are usually selling something and have the often-substantial financial backing of their publisher/employer.

    In the same vein, Chris (and Karl) represents the grassroots of education reform and innovative uses of technology for instruction. ISTE, however, is a large corporation and grassroots, along with open source and free web services, don’t pay the bills the way vendors of interactive whiteboards and telecoms do.

  2. Well, they’ve got 5 keynotes to play with, so maybe they have room for one of those to represent the ‘grass roots!’ Also, Chris or Karl would be cheaper, I’m guessing, than many of the traditional ISTE keynote types?

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