Please vote for my ISTE 2010 conference keynote suggestion

ISTE is asking us to help select one of its next conference keynotes. I am asking you to please vote for my suggestion:


As of this moment, the top three vote-getters all have to do with technology tools. Technology learning tools are important, but helping principals, superintendents, school boards, and policymakers understand what effective 21st century schools look like (and how to support and facilitate their creation and ongoing operation) is much, much more important.

Please go to ISTE’s keynote suggestion web site and give my suggestion three (3) votes. We need this issue at the forefront of our educational technology conversations and we need it at the forefront of ISTE’s work. We continue to talk about students and teachers and tools in the classroom – all of which are worthy topics – but NONE OF THOSE HAPPENS if the leadership doesn’t get it.

Note that this is just a vote for the topic. We vote later on potential speakers. You’ll have to sign in to vote but it shouldn’t take you more than a minute or two.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for your support.

4 Responses to “Please vote for my ISTE 2010 conference keynote suggestion”

  1. Hi Scott! – here’s my idea and description:
    Teacher(s) In The Trenches –

    What is missing from too many education conferences are examples of teachers who effectively accomplish exactly what the conference is promoting. Teachers and administrators just might connect with a teacher or teachers sharing effective pedagogy using the new tools of learning so attendees get a clear picture of exactly what all this looks like. Could include students too perhaps?

    You and I had a conversation about this at ISTE in San Antonio as I recall.


  2. Thanks for the comment, Brian. Isn’t what you describe the vast majority of sessions at ISTE?

  3. Scott, why don’t you present at the upcoming National School Board Assocaition meeting in Chicago on what effective 21st century schools look like? Ever consider that? I’m sure you would be most welcome!

    You blogging school board member,
    Fred Deutsch
    Watertown, South Dakota

  4. 1Hi Fred, thanks for the kind words. I’ve presented at NSBA T+L before. Never at the main NSBA conference. Have to be invited…!

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