HELP WANTED – THE PUSH: Physical education / health education blogs

THE PUSH has a big challenge today. Are we up to the task? Yesterday we identified 7 excellent music education blogs. Here’s how we’re doing in other areas:

  • 13 art education blogs,
  • 8 world languages education blogs,
  • 10 Social Studies education blogs,
  • 14 English / language arts education blogs,
  • 24 science education blogs, and
  • 27 math education blogs.

Today we focus on PHYSICAL EDUCATION / HEALTH EDUCATION. What are some PE / health education blogs that P-12 physical / health educators should be reading? We need both elementary and secondary examples. If you know of some, please add them to the Moving Forward wiki

Why are we doing this?

  • To identify blogs that P-12 teachers can use to initially seed (or expand) their RSS readers
  • To create a single location where P-12 educators can go to see excellent subject-oriented educational blogging
  • To highlight excellent disciplinary blogging that deserves larger audiences
  • To learn from disciplines other than our own and get ideas about our own teaching and/or blogging

Thanks in advance for helping with this initiative. If we all contribute, two weeks from now we should have a bevy of excellent subject-specific blogs to which we can all point. Please spread the word about THE PUSH!

3 Responses to “HELP WANTED – THE PUSH: Physical education / health education blogs”

  1. Our PE teacher started a blog for students/teachers last year all about phys ed. She didn’t blog over the summer but should be back up and running soon.

  2. I highly recommend Helena Baert’s blog – – along with Mr. Robbo, the PE Geek (his words, not mine!):

  3. Once the subject levels part is done, would it be possible to do the same thing for grade levels. I am heading up techintegration at the K-6 level next year with a very non-tech teaching staff and I thought it would be nice to be able to provide some blogs by grade level so that grade 6 teachers could find other grade 6 teachers who are blogging and who they can relate to.

    Just an idea. It could run along with the subject level one so you could either do grade level or subject type all in one wiki!

    Ian Hancock

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