HELP WANTED – THE PUSH continues: Science education blogs

Yesterday I announced THE PUSH… [and we generated an amazing list in just 24 hours]

Today we work on SCIENCE EDUCATION. What are some excellent science education blogs that P-12 science educators should be reading? We need both elementary and secondary examples. If you know of some, please add them to the Moving Forward wiki.

Why are we doing this?

  • To identify blogs that P-12 teachers can use to initially seed (or expand) their RSS readers
  • To create a single location where P-12 educators can go to see excellent subject-oriented educational blogging
  • To highlight excellent disciplinary blogging that deserves larger audiences
  • To learn from disciplines other than our own and get ideas about our own teaching and/or blogging

Thanks in advance for helping with this initiative. If we all contribute, two weeks from now we should have a bevy of excellent subject-specific blogs to which we can all point. Please spread the word about THE PUSH!

4 Responses to “HELP WANTED – THE PUSH continues: Science education blogs”

  1. My favorite science blog for early childhood education (PK-2)has to be The Early Years Blog by Peggy Ashbrook. She consistently gives me wonderful ideas for science activities in kindergarten. They are always hands on, meaningful, based on solid science standards and integrate all areas of the curriculum. Hands down, Peggy has the best science blog.

    I have a general classroom blog. One of the categories is Science and Tech Here’s a link to that area of the site as well. I am just discovering how marvelous it is to use tech for science exploration. This coming year, I plan to use it more for all areas of the curriculum and science is an easy connection.

  2. Scott, I have a newish blog I created a part of a Webtools for Teachers course It focuses on the tools web 2.0 offers to Science teachers and ideas on how to integrate this technology into the classroom.

    Check out some of my posts (except for the last two which aren’t really indicative)and see if its worth adding to your list. I know it says add only the really good ones, didn’t want to be pretentious by adding my own. But I have the intention of continuing to explore/ share webtool use specifically for Science class. Hope it becomes useful to others.

  3. This is a blog that I’ve been following for about a year or more. He is a high school science teacher in New Jersey. It is simply called Science Teacher.

  4. Hi there

    My education tech blog is

    I review software and hardware education products, post about scholarships and teacher programs, charity organizations helping special education and reading disabilities.

    I’ll post my info on your forum. Thanks

    Lisa Hill

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